Training Topics 2020-2021

The training runs over twp years.  In year 1 we will meet weekly for 35 sessions and in year 2 we meet for 8 sessions with monthly sessions with your mentor.  Some of the topics will be delivered by guest speakers.

Year 1 -  2020

Training and Starting Out

What is a Witch and the Western Mystery Tradition

Integrity and Commitment

Logos and Mythos



Concentration, visualization and meditation

Making Incense

The Elements

Goddess and God- What are the Gods?

Natural cycles and the Craft

Tides and Seasons

Witches Sabbats

Plant Identification- herbs and daily life

Raising Power

Tools of the Craft

Psychic Self Defense

Writing Pathworkings

Natural Magic

Deciding Magic

Witches Rede and Karma?

Lotions and Potions

Dreams and Lucid Dreaming


Covens and Coven Officers


The Shadow

Sexuality and the Craft


The Function of Myth

The Hero Myth

Writing Ritual

Enacting Ritual

Self Actualization and the Craft


What does it mean to be a priest/ess

Circle Etiquette

Coven Expectations

Second Year and Meet the Mentors


Year 2 - 2021

Yule Ritual - Pathworking - The Meaning of Yule

Imbolc Ritual- Pathworking- Care and the Craft

Spring Ritual- Pathworking - Psyche and Symbol

Beltane Ritual- Pathworking- Individuation and the Craft

Midsummer Ritual- Pathworking- The Initiate's Journey

Lammas Ritual- Pathworking- The Great Work

Autumn Ritual- Pathworking- The Meaning of Initiation

Samhain Ritual- Pathworking- Mysteries and the Mystical Experience 

Suggested Mentoring Sessions

Coven Problems

Wheel of the Year- what does it mean to you?

Service and the Craft

Goddess and Horned God

Raising Power practical

Inner Alchemy

Witches' covens

The Initiate's Journey and the Craft

Wine and Witchcraft

Is initiation for you?

Numinous and Mystical Experience

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