This is a site with some infomation on the history of the Craft

Gardnerian Wicca:  An Unofficial and Informative Website 

One of the great masters of myth, Prof. Joseph Campbell

A good place to get the ingredients for your incense

The website for the Pagan Federation.  It is a good organisation.

Martika's website for those looking for help with nutrition and diet.

A good place for gums and resins and herbs you can't find locally

Colchester Pagan Moot

The Ipswich Pagan Council

The Local Pagan Federation Conference

RSPB Minsmere a local wildlife reserve

Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Excellent programmes on philosophy, science, art and religion

Philosophy Bites- Food for Thought

The New Scientist Magazine- great stuff much of it relevant to the Craft|pcrid|6912940942&gclid=CJ6crd6D5KsCFcRtfAodoVRAPw

The Open University- simply a brilliant university

Witch Vox- an American site with the occasional good article

Avalonia publishing

The Sea of Faith- celebrating religion as a human creation

Philosophy Now- The magazine of ideas- an excellent magazine

The Museum of East Anglian Life in Stowmarket

The Moon Owl Moot in Felixstowe

The Green Party in England and Wales