Course Content- The Pattern under the Plough

Year 1- Introduction to Witchcraft

There are 13 sessions in the first year.  At the end of each session there will be taking part in a short seasonal and lunar ritual.  Many of the sessions will also include pathworking.

Session 0- Introduction to the course and making incense 

Session 1- What is a Witch, the Western Mystery Tradition,  traditions within the Craft and Samhain Sabbat

Session 2- Integrity and commitment, Circle Etiquette and Esbat ritual

Session 3- Being a Priest/ess, Folk Magic, Mind and reality, Self Belief, Self Actualisation and the Craft and Yule Sabbat

Session 4- Craft names, Glamour, Logos and Mythos, and Full Moon Esbat

Session 5- Dreams, Concentration, Visualization and Meditation, Pathworking, Personal symbol pathworking and Imbolc Sabbat

Session 6- The Witches' Circle, Classical Elements, pathworking the elements and Spring Sabbat

Session 7- Natural cycles, Tides and Seasons, the Wheel of the Year, pathworking the wheel and Esbat

Session 8- The Function of myth, personal myth, what are the Gods?, totem pathworking and Beltane and Full Moon

Session 9- Psychic Self Defence, Techniques for Psychic Self Defence, Rose and thorn meditation and Midsummer Sabbat

Session 10- Tools of the Craft, Ethics and Magic, Karma, Wiccan Rede, pathworking to experience the Goddess and Esbat

Session 11- Function of a coven, coven officers, coven expectations, Horned God pathworking and Lammas Sabbat

Session 12- Personal mandala, Inner Alchemy, the shadow, pathworking the dark well and Autumn Sabbat

Year 2- Deepening your magical skills and knowledge

There are 12 sessions in year 2.  You will be deepening your understanding of magic in the Craft and the Great Work.  You will be working alongside a mentor to help you write your own pathworkings and to help signpost your spiritual development.  You will be bringing your own homemade incense for the rituals.

Session 13- Death, talking about death, planning a funeral and Samhain Sabbat (Taking place in Brandon)

Session 14- Sacred Sexuality, Polarity, Skyclad- what its is and why Witches do it and Esbat ritual.

Session 15- The Arts Magical, Dowsing, the true meaning of Yule  and Yule Sabbat

Session 16- Wyrd, Synchronicity, pathworking the Wyrd Sisters and Esbat

Session 17- Writing pathworkings workshop and Imbolc Sabbat

Session 18- Levels of Reality, the Great Work (High Magic), Mystical Experience, trainee pathworkings and Spring Sabbat

Session 19- Wine and Witchcraft, making ointments, tinctures and creams, trainee meditation and Esbat

Session 20- Plant identification, herbalism, trainee pathworking and Beltane Sabbat

Session 21- The body numinous, raising power and ASCs, trainee pathworking and midsummer and full moon

Session 22- Natural magic (Low Magic), trainees pathworking and Full moon Esbat

Session 23- The meaning of Initiation, how to apply for initiation, trainee pathworking and Lammas Sabbat

Session 24- Service in the Craft, moving on from training, trainee pathworking and Autumn Sabbat

One of the Elders of the Craft has kindly said that he is happy to run a couple of extra sessions to pass on his experience and wisdom.  These are to be arranged.