Course Content

In the first part of the course we shall be considering the following topics.

We will begin by looking at what a witch is from the point of view of initiatory Witchcraft and how it relates to the Western Mystery Tradition.  The trainees will be considering the importance of integrity and commitment to practising the Occult.  The trainees will learn to make incense which will take a year to make, taking them out into the countryside at different times of the year, experiencing the seasons.  The training group will consider the important difference between Logos and Mythos and how beliefs shape our lives .  The trainees will look at how self actualisation relates to occult work and how being a life coping adult is essential in becoming a priest/ess of the mysteries.   One of the great snares and dangers of occult work at all levels is that of glamour and so the students will be looking at how to spot the tell tale signs.  The course then looks at the foundational skills of concentration, visualisation and meditation, before introducing the essential skill of pathworking.  There will be a lot of pathworking meditations throughout the training group and the trainees will learn to write their own.  

The first part of the course continues by looking at the classical elements and how they relate to your inner alchemy and the Craft.  The training then moves on to look at the Wheel of the Year, the eight Sabbats that correspond to the tides and seasons.  The trainees will be looking at this myth to write their own personal myth.  This then ties in with the inner alchemy of the start of the Great Work as the trainee examine some of the ideas of the psychologist Carl Jung.  In particular we shall be looking at his ideas on the collective unconscious and the archetypes.  Later in the course we shall be looking at Jung's ideas on the Shadow, Anima and Animus and the process of Individuation.  The course will also look at the Goddess and the Horned God of the Witches, considering what they are and what they stand for.  The learners can then start to build a relationship with the Lord and the Lady.  The trainees will also be thinking about signs and symbols and the tools of the Craft.

The trainees will be learning about psychic self defence and how to keep themselves safe in Occult work.  Tied into this is ethics in magic.  We shall consider the process the coven might go through in deciding whether to do magic and looking at the concepts of Karma and the Wiccan Rede.  We  then delve into the darker side of life, looking at death.  In particular trainees will be considering the practical implications of death, such as planning for end of life, planning a funeral and dealing with grief. 

The trainees will also consider the role of sacred sexuality and the Craft.  We shall be considering the difference between sex and sexuality, the role of gender in the Craft and the important Hermetic concept of polarity.  Sacred sexuality in the Craft is an expression of the wholeness and unity that all mystery traditions seek to promote in their initiates.  This leads to the topic of Witches working skyclad and the reasons for it.  We shall be considering the practicalities and considerations of ritual nudity.  

The trainees will then look at the concept of Wyrd and synchronicity before considering the function of myth and how to write rituals.

The second part of the training is more practical.


The trainees will be working with a mentor who will be an experienced and senior member of the local Craft.  They will also be working in an Outer Court Group.  The group will meet eight times in the year and each group member will write a ritual, one a pathworking and another provide the incense.  The Outer Court member will also be meeting with their mentor about once a month.  The members of the Outer Court will be keeping a magical journal and be working on their own private meditations on the four elements, the Goddess and the God and taking up a magical art such as tarot, runes, wine making, dowsing etc.  They will also be looking at subjects such as service and the Craft, what a coven is and what the coven officers do.  The Outer Court members will ne learning to raise power and how to recognise useful plants and some simple herbalism.  Finally the learners will be learning about the Great Work, the Inner Alchemy that leads to the mysteries and mystical experience, before considering what initiation means.