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Posted on October 21, 2016 at 2:00 AM

The Suffolk Witchcraft Training group was originally started by Dave and Tricia when they hived from a Gardnerian coven that existed in Norfolk a couple of decades ago. They ran the training for considerable amount of time before deciding that they had done their bit for king and country and handed the training onto me. I have facilitated the group since the year 2000 with my wife Martika joining me in the running of the group since 2010, having done the training herself. We both enjoying running the training group as we learn an awful lot from it ourselves and have made some great friends over the years.


Although the training is for the Initiatory Craft, which we shall define in session two, participants need not seek initiation to take part nor does attendance at training guarantee initiation. This is because initiation into a coven is not up to just us (the training facilitators) but rather is a whole coven decision. Everyone in a coven has to be able to feel that they can work comfortably with a new initiate before they are initiated. That being said we are friends with other Witches and Wiccans in the area and we always try our hardest to find a place of people who have earned it if they do not gel with the coven.


The training, like all genuine Craft training is given free of charge; the only fee is you commitment and effort. Witchcraft is not a commodity to be bought and sold but a profound spiritual and mystical tradition and its value is in its practice. By paying a fee the trainers are obliged to ensure that the trainees get what they wish, and for many that is initiation. By giving the Craft training for free, we are only obligated to do our absolute best in honour of the Craft and the trainee to provide the best training we can, not to ensure that the trainee succeeds. That is the trainee’s responsibility and at the end of the day the trainee will get out only what they put in.


We need to begin with a health warning, the training will change you. If it does not than the training is not working. Initiatory Witchcraft is about personal transformation and training will change your beliefs leading to a transformation of your subjective reality. This is something to consider very, very carefully, do you really want to change? What about loved ones, will they want you to change? Is it fair to force this change in yourself upon them? Before you start you should give this serious thought.


This is a powerful journey that will change your life; indeed it has changed my own. It is a journey that leads to self empowerment and will add a richer quality to life. It is the work of the soul, the work of personal transformation as that is what magic is partly about.


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