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Initiatory Witchcraft and the Great Work

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There are many ways in which people think about Initiatory Wicca. I was taught that it is as a Mystery and Magical Tradition, but what does this mean?

According to the historian of religion Karen Armstrong, the word mystery come from the Greek word ‘Musterion’, which mean ‘to close or to shut the mouth’. This suggest to me that the word mystery means something that can’t be adequately described in everyday language. “Of which we cannot ...

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Witchcraft and Paganism

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“When is a Witch not a Witch,” wrote Robert Cochrane (aka Roy Bowers) in the 1960’s, “when he or she is a pagan”? Maxine Sanders also claimed that she was not a pagan at a conference in 2000. Other longstanding Witches have also stood up and claimed that Witches are different to Pagans. What is it that they mean, what is the difference between a Witch and a Pagan?

Initiatory Witchcraft is the mystical side of paganism. With this in mind Mys...

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Witches do it in a Magic Circle

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Sacred space is place that is experienced as sacred. In many religions it is a permanent structure such as a church, a mosque, a druid’s grove or a temple. The place is seen as sacred, as numinous and special, a suitable and worthy place where the Divine can be experienced. These places are often made sacred through certain rites and ritual; a form of magic which involves the manipulation of meaning to transform phenomenal reality. The rites lead to experiencing the church or temple...

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Suggested Reading

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We recommend that you read as widely as possible.


For those people who are new to the Craft we can recommend the following books.


The Craft


Doreen Valiente's Witchcraft for Tomorrow, ABC of Witchcraft, Witchcraft a Tradition Renewed (with Evan John Jones) and The Rebirth of Witchcraft

Gerald Gardner's Witchcraft Today, The Meaning of Witchcraft and High Magic's Aid

Vivianne Crowley's Wicca the Old Religion in the New...

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Starting Out

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Beginners, you are about to embark on what may be the most important journey of your life. To you I say “welcome”.  This is a powerful journey that will change your life.  To those just starting out-- study, learn and practice. Remember that this is your journey and you must take active responsibility for it.

Some start by using the KISS method. Keep it simple. Choose one topic at a time and methodically work it. Really study it and th...

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