The Wheel of the Year by Dave Bracey

Posted on April 27, 2017 at 2:15 PM

The Craft is a practical approach to life.

It is not an intellectual thing, not mental masturbation. There is a cycle to the year. There is, or should be, a cycle, or pattern, to our lives, both on a long term and an annual basis. By aligning with that ‘natural’ cycle we flow with the force, we do not swim upstream, and so life becomes ‘easier’.

The cycle of the year can be summarized in four words; sow, grow, reap and weep.

Think about it, those words represent events in ‘nature’ side of ourselves.

An old regime of the year was rest- purify- sow- love- tend- harvest- store and death.

Yet another view could be sow- harvest- prune and dream (plan).

Correspond what each Sabbat, as far as personal actions mean in your life. Bring the wheel of the Year down to Earth. Relate each on an annual basis. Consider the physical, emotional and mental aspects of each Sabbat to you.

The Craft is, and should be a practical, every-day, useful guide to us. We should reflect it and its aspects in all that we do. To become Witches we must think and act as such. We should think and consider, before each action, what does the Craft have to say on this? Then and only then will the will of the Gods and the way of the Witch become plain. The Craft is a way of life. It is often described as a ‘coming home’. It is you and your action, at all levels, that mark out the path. Follow it, live it, let it live and then the path becomes not only obvious but easier and more rewarding.

One key word of the Craft is ‘responsibility’. Personal responsibility for our actions. All our actions. There is no Devil, only us. We should realise the implications of each and every action that we perform. By bringing the Wheel of the Year into our lives we align ourselves with the forces of life and so infuse greater meaning to each and every act.

The Craft us not an intellectual exercise, it is and must be a way of life. Go live it each and every day, in full knowledge and open consciousness.

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