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session 6: Self Awareness and Self Actualisation

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Glamour and Divination

In carrying on our discussion about glamour I should stress that having tools in itself is not necessarily englamourment as long as it is done in full knowledge. Rather glamour is the belief that the tools, which are symbols, are an ends in themselves. Glamour is the mistaking the symbols for the experience that they represent. The same goes with things like tarot cards and runes. It is glamour when we want to be known as being psychic or when we want ...

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Session 5: Glamour

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Reification of Mythos

Problems occur when mythos is reified, meaning we mistake something abstract and figurative for something concrete and material. When discussing the ‘non physical’ it is easy to imagine Gods, fairies, energy and spirits to be some kind of quasi-physical thing; as a ghostly presence. However, ‘non-physical’ means it does not exist in time and space; it is not made of anything. These entities are about ‘making sense o...

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Session 4: An Epistemology of the Craft and Beliefs

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Continuing on from the topic of integrity and commitment it is worth discussing what we mean by the word responsibility. In the Craft people are expected to take personal responsibility and this could be taken in one of two ways. Often we use responsibility to apportion blame. For example we might tell a student at college that they are responsible for their behaviour meaning that they should accept whatever punishment is appropriate. But there is anot...

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