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Session 16: Psychic Self Defence

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Gnosis and Kenosis

The eight ways of raising power which we discussed last week can lead to the experience of gnosis and kenosis. These Greek words capture experiences for which there is no appropriate single English term. Gnosis technically means knowledge but when it is used in English it refers specifically to spiritual knowledge. As we discussed in session four, spirituality is a relationship with character that has certain qualities such as helping one endure and bring me...

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Session 15: Power

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Rituals Indoors or Outdoors

Whether Witches work their rituals indoors or outdoors has got to be a matter of practicality and preference. Working rituals outdoors can be a wonderful experience if the weather is amenable as it leads to the possibility of serendipity. For example, a few years ago I attended the funeral of a Witch at Wrabness Green Burial site near Harwich in Essex. As the coffin was being lowered into the earth a skylark rose up from a nearby meadow in...

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Session 14: Plants, medicine and magic

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The Wheel of the Year is not just a myth about what is happening outside in wild nature, although this is where it takes its inspiration. Rather it makes sense of fundamental and thus archetypal processes within our own lives. These are processes such as birth, childhood, sexuality, maturity, sacrifice, decline and death. These are visceral experiences which we feel in the pits of our stomachs and in our hearts. They are not intellectual but rather they are numinous as they fill us with a...

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