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Session 19: Health and the Craft

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Five reasons for working Skyclad

Essentially there are five reasons why Witches work skyclad. Firstly, it is a group marker, so by going skyclad in coven we are participating in a group identity. Just as uniforms mark out a particular group, whether police uniforms, school uniforms or the clothing worn by martial artists, so does going skyclad in a coven. Secondly, it demonstrates and engenders trust. When you are initiated into a coven you are asked to take a leap of faith a...

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Session 18: Skyclad

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LBGT and the Craft

We discussed how gender interplay has a role in Craft rituals but does this mean as some people have suggested that it excludes participation by gay and transgender people? The short answer to that question is that it does not. To my mind, and this is the view of everyone I know in the world of the Craft, sexuality is sexuality and as long as it is freely expressed without coercion in anyway has a place in initiatory Witchcraft.

The central ...

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Session 17: Sacred Sexuality

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Personifying Problems

In the last session we mentioned thought forms, elementals, spirits and demons etc. Essentially though forms are the character of thoughts and ideas (these can be deliberately constructed for specific ends), elementals are minimal characters ascribed to the forces of nature, and demons are the characters ascribed to the less pleasant aspects of life. These are abstract cultural concepts of meaning and making sense of, they are how people experience as, rat...

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