Year 1 2018-2019

Year 1 2018

Date                                           Topic

25th January                              Training and Starting Out

1st February                               What is a Witch and the Western Mystery Tradition

8th February                               Integrity and Commitment

22nd February                            Logos and Mythos (and Belief)

1st March                                   Glamour

8th March                                   Concentration, Meditation and Visualization

15th March                                 Making Incenses

22nd March                                The Elements

29th March                                 Goddess and Horned God (are the Gods real)

19th April                                    Natural Cycles and the Craft

26th April                                    Tides and Seasons

3rd May                                      Witches' Sabbats

10th May                                    Plant Identification and herbs for daily life

17th May                                    Raising power

24th May                                    Psychic Self Defense

7th June                                     Writing Pathworkings

14th June                                   Natural Magic

21st June                                   Deciding Magic

28th June                                   The Wiccan Rede and Karma (and magical ethical dilemmas)

5th July                                       Lotions and potions

12th July                                     Dreams and Lucid Dreaming

19th July                                     Dowsing

30th August                                Covens and coven officers

6th September                            Death 

13th September                          The Shadow

20th September                          Sexuality and the Craft

27th September                          Skyclad

4th October                                 The function of myth

11th October                               The Hero Myth

18th October                               Writing ritual

1st November                             Enacting ritual

8th November                             Self Actualization and the Craft

15th November                           Wyrd

22nd November                          Coven expectations and circle etiquette

29th November                           Year 2 

Year 2 2019

16th December                           Yule and the meaning of Yule

3rd February                               Candlemas and Care and the Craft

24th March                                  Spring and Symbol and Psyche

5th May                                       Beltane and Individuation and the Craft

23rd June                                    Midsummer and the Initiates Journey

4th August                                   Lammas and the Great Work

22nd September                         Autumn and Mysteries and Mystical Experience

3rd November                             The meaning of Initiation

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